Copper Vault Presents…

 Out of This World Menu


Plutonian Pizza

Transform yourself into a space chef tonight! We give you a blank pizza dough canvas with toppings on the side, and you get to make your pizza exactly the way you always wanted it! Then, our chefs will bake your masterpiece and you get to eat your very own pizza! 9


Alien Fingers

They taste just like chicken! Served with fries. 7


Grilled Moon Cheese

Remember when people used to think that the moon was made out of cheese?? Well, now we know it made with anorthocite, dust, rocks, etc. but wouldn’t it be cool if it had been made out of cheese? This grilled cheese sandwich is sure to take your tastebuds into deep space! 5


Mars Macaroni and Cheese

I know what your thinking, if the macaroni and cheese is from mars, shouldn’t it be red? The surface of Mars is covered in iron-oxide (AKA “rust”) which is why is appears red from Earth, but if you were sitting on mars, eating macaroni and cheese, it would actually still appear yellow. Just don’t drop it on the ground. 5


Peanut Butter and Jupiter Jelly 

The core of Jupiter is completely unknown to scientists and even though it is highly unlikely that it’s core is made of molten jelly, we also have no evidence to dispute this! 4


Intergalactic Steak

This 3.5 ounce filet mignon, served with mashed potatoes and vegetables is out of this world! 11