All items on this menu are completely vegan. Ask your server about today's vegan dessert options, like our vegan Ice Cream Nachos!

Small Plates...


Kimchi Sweet Potato Fries GF

Sweet potato fries, topped with Korean kimchi, herbs, & vegan Harissa aioli. 9


Pickle Fries

Shoestring pickles, battered and fried, served with vegan ranch. 5


Fish Tacos GF

Fried vegan fish with mango salsa, vegan remoulade, lettuce, onion, & tomato. 11



A delicious plant & soy brat, served with yellow mustard, onion. 9 


Cauliflower Wings

Fried cauliflower tossed in your choice of buffalo, barbecue, Nashville Hot, or Whitney's super spicy habanero. 9


Chili GF

Whitney’s homemade chili, slow-cooked with tomatoes, & onion. Cup 5 Bowl 7



Tot Bar

Platter of Tater Tots $7

Add Ons:

Chili +.99                                                Jalapeño +.50

Avocado +1.50                                        Truffle Oil +2

Diced Tomato +.50                                           Diced Onion +.50

Lettuce +.25                                            Pickles +.15

Mushrooms +.75                                           Caramelized Onions +.50

Vegan Bacon +2        Impossible Meat +7

Marinara +1                                               Vegan Cheese +1.5

Buffalo Drizzle +.25                                         Habanero Drizzle +.25





House GF

Mixed greens with diced tomato, red onion, & vegan ranch dressing. 6


South Beach GF

Lettuce with diced mangos, tomato, red onions, & passion fruit vinaigrette. 8




Served with fries. 


Buffalo Chicken Sandwich

Plant and soy based chicken strips tossed in buffalo with creamy vegan ranch, lettuce, onion, & tomato, with fries. 11


Hot Chicken Sandwich

Gardein chicken strips, tossed in chef's secret blend of hot spices with pickles, on white bread. 9



Seitan bacon with sliced tomatoes, lettuce, and vegan mayo on white bread, with fries. 9


Fried Green Tomato BLT

Tempura battered green tomatoes with plant-based bacon, homemade roasted red pepper aioli, and lettuce on wheat bread.


Impossible Burger

We smoke our Impossible burger in-house. It has 19 grams of protein, zero cholesterol, topped with lettuce, onion, tomato, & served with fries. 11



Chili +.99                                                        Jalapeños +.50

Avocado +1.50                                            Vegan Cheese +1.5

Fried Pickles +.99                                      Mushrooms +.75

Fried Onions +1                                                   Vegan Bacon +1.5

Caramelized Onions +.50                                 Pickles +.15

Vegan Ranch +.75                                     Vegan Mayo +.50

Buffalo Sauce +.50                                        Double Patty +7




Butternut Squash Ravioli

Organic butternut squash raviolis, tossed in a garlic, white wine, sage coconut cream sauce, finished with truffle oil. 21


Bolognese Rigatoni

Thick noodles topped with hearty impossible meat marinara, fresh herbs & fried garlic cloves. 15


Fish & Chips

Plant and soy based fish filets, fried and served with chunky chips and malt vinegar. 11


Caprese Pizza

Marinara with tomato, basil, garlic, & vegan mozzarella. 11


Buffalo “Chicken” Pizza

Personal pizza with buffalo sauce, diced vegan chicken, red onion, pickles, & ranch. 13



Brussels Sprouts 3

Broccoli 3

Shoestring Fries 3

Sweet Potato Fries 4

Onion Rings 4

Tater Tots 4

Steak Fries 4